New Product Details For 2 Historic Autograph Company Boxes

1 card per pack
1 pack per box
8 boxes per case
– 1 Original 1933 Goudey Gum Card or 1 Historic Autograph Original Art Card Per Box – each displayed with 1 Player Cut Signature.
– 1 2013 Historic Autographs Original Art 42-Card Set in Every Box.
– At Least 2 Hall of Fame Players Per Case
– Look for Hot Cases (1:40 cases) will contain All Hall of Fame Players
– The Complete Checklist features 250 Original 1933 Cards/Players and 42 Historic Autograph Art Cards for a total of 292 different players in the set.
– This product is PSA/DNA Authenticated – cards are designed to hold the original gum card inside a frame for protection; each autograph is affixed inside the Historic Autograph designed blue bordered holder.
Pricing: $150.00 Per Box
Release Date: December 4, 2013
1 card per pack
1 pack per box
12 boxes per case
– Historic Autographs will release their first strictly non-sport autograph product. The limited issue will have less than (90) 12-box cases and include Hollywood stars and starlets, musicians, Nobel Prize winner, astronauts and politicians.
– Look for: John Wayne, Frank Sintara, Sammy Davis, Mick Jagger, Gary Cooper, Rock Hudson, WC Fields, Alec Guiness, Peter Cushing, Jane Russell, Grace Kelly, Natalie Wood, Elizabeth Taylor, Judy Garland, James Watson, Francis Crick, Johnny Carson, Jack Benny, Glenn Miller, Irvin Berlin, Benny Hill, Bing Crosby, Duke Ellington and Juan Peron.
– All autographs are authenticated by PSA/DNA.
Pricing: $75.00 Per Box
Release Date: November 27, 2013

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