Jose Abreu 2014 Bowman Baseball Card Values

Jose Abreu leads the Major League in HR’s & RBI’s. But is now on the DL to protect his ankle. With no Tanaka Auto’s & Kris Bryant being a redemption. Most focus is on the 27-year-old rookie. But how are his cards fairing on the auction site?


Only completed sold sales from May 10th to May 17th.

Base Auto

Base Auto

Sold: 53

Total: $8,650.57

Average: $163.22

High: $199.50

Low: $140.00

Refractor Auto /500

Sold: 16

Total: $4,016.79

Average: $251.05

High: $300

Low: $229.99

Blue Refractor Auto /150

Sold: 6

Total: $3,055.87

Average: $509.31

High: $599.99

Low: $469.99

Black Refractor Auto /99

Sold: 11

Total: $5,215.01

Average: $474.09

High: $581.02

Low: $350


Not added to totals were a lot of best offer accepted, also a Blue Refractor 79/150 Abreu’s Jersey number sold for $800.00. As many black’s /99 were on ebay as blue’s /150 and with blacks more susceptible to showing dings, there is no price difference between the two.

Most of the higher sale total’s were listings with Free Shipping.

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