In The Game, Inc – Open Letter To Kevin Isaacson 2014 Industry Summit Promoter

Below is a letter we are re-publishing regarding the 2014 Industry Summit

I am writing this open letter to Kevin Isaacson promoter of the Industry Summit because all other methods of communication have failed over the past months.

February 14, 2014

Dear Kevin;

As you are well aware, In The Game, Inc. has attended the Industry Summit for the last three years. I personally have hosted retailer workshops, given a presentation to entire group and have served on a panel with Upper Deck, Panini and Topps.

Something seems to be different this year. Both my staff and myself have made many calls to you and I have personally sent over twenty emails to you as well.

I simply want to confirm if we will be attending the Industry Summit or if we are not invited to attend, the reasons why.

Our emails started early in December and the last email was sent several days ago.

By now the trading card industry has learned that Brian Gray and his company, Leaf Trading Cards are not invited to the Industry Summit and a lawsuit between the parties has commenced.

I on the other hand am not sure if we are invited or not since you will not respond to my emails confirming or denying our attendance.

The one email I did get from you on January 6th and stated:

Dr. Price:

I am on vacation with my family and am checking messages only occasionally. I will communicate with you or Mr. Levine (whichever you prefer) upon my return to work. FYI: Last year’s agreement with your company was completed Feb. 12.


Kevin Isaacson

I have now emailed you at least fifteen times after receiving this email letting you know that although there is time to negotiate an agreement, I just want to know if we are able to attend, so that travel plans can be made.

We knew last year in November that we were going to attend and had ample time to make travel plans, redemption program plans and Industry Summit promotional cards.

You have not responded at all to these emails and I am sure by now you are back from holidays, in fact it is now February 14th and we still have heard nothing from you.

So I write this letter to you Kevin in the hope you might respond to us, please let us know if we are able participate in the Industry Summit or not, and if not, why.

In The Game, Inc. has been making trading cards since 1998 and we are certainly part of the trading card industry.

Dr. Brian H. Price

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