2011-12 Upper Deck Fleer Retro Basketball Box Card Value Review

While Upper Deck may not be able to come out with releases on time, once they hit the market – collectors gobble it up like a Thanksgiving dinner. It’s almost as if the wait makes them want the cards even more. However, in this case – collectors have been waiting for 10+ years to see the return of many of the cards features in the new Fleer Retro Basketball.

A throwback set that features players in NCAA uniforms – and where the insert cards (non-autograph or game used) are the ‘hits’ most people are after. In particular, the Precious Metal Gems have been going for insane prices for cards that have no autograph … and in the case of the reds … they really aren’t all that rare being numbered out of 150. Box sales have climbed into the $500 range after sales of the Michael Jordan and LeBron James have hit the 4 figure mark.

Here are the results from box breaks across YouTube:

Walt Frazier  $    10.00
Tobias Harris  $       2.50
Jimmer Fredette  $    29.00
RC Sensation Auto
Travis Leslie  $       1.25
JaJuan Johnson  $       4.95
Nolan Smith  $       4.25
Golden Touch
Anfernee Hardaway  $    10.00
Flair Showcase #/150
Candice Parker  $    12.00
Rick Barry  $       5.00
Precious Metal Gems Blue
Cazzie Russell #/50  $    49.00
Estimated Revenue If Sold On eBay  $  127.95
Box Break From CloutsnChara
Jack Sikma  $       4.65
Justin Harper  $       3.50
RC Signatures
JaJuan Johnson  $       4.95
Norris Cole  $       6.50
Kawai Leonard
Golden Touch
Anfernee Hardaway  $    10.00
Flair Showcase #150
Dominique Wilkins #/150  $    10.00
Larry Bird #/150  $    35.00
Precious Metal Gems Blue
Danny Manning #/50  $    49.67
Estimated Revenue If Sold On eBay  $  124.27
Box Break From Cisco69
Terry Porter  $    14.95
Steve Alford  $    10.00
Chet Walker  $       7.50
RC Sensation Autographs
Nikola Vucevic  $       4.75
Justin Harper  $       2.25
Demetri McCamey  $       1.35
Golden Touch
Larry Bird  $    45.00
Christian Laetiner  $    11.00
Flair Showcase
Reggie Theus #/150  $       1.00
Brad Daughtry #/150  $       6.00
Estimated Revenue If Sold On eBay  $  103.80
Box Break From chri5784
David Thompson  $       7.00
Bismack Biyombo  $       6.00
RC Sensations Autographs
Durrell Summers  $       1.00
E’Twaun Moore  $       5.50
Reggie Jackson  $       3.25
Cory Joseph  $       1.50
Court Masters
Grant Hill  $    27.00
A Cut Above 
George Gervin  $    15.00
Golden Touch
Julius Erving  $    15.00
Flair Showcase
Grant Hill #/150  $    25.00
Estimated Revenue If Sold On eBay  $  106.25
Box Break From chri5784

With an average sales revenue of around $115.00 the boxes we analyzed didn’t have much value inside. The Blue Precious Metal Gems have been selling for a wide range prices, so the above price might be higher/lower depending on when you sell. As the cards start drying up (in a few months) … you actually might see prices rise if collector demand is still strong. As these cards get into hands of collectors, the Blue & Green versions will not be sold very often – which might lead to stronger prices in the future. Even the red versions, which started the PMG craze, will dry up and sell for more money as time goes on. If Upper Deck doesn’t release this set again (or in the near future) … it will also help lead prices up as time goes on.

Prices come from eBay, or Sports Card Radio PMG Price Tracker
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