2011-12 Panini Preferred Basketball Box Value Recap & Review

A debut product not seen from Panini under their new brand, but a familiar one with collectors because of Donruss Preferred back in the day. The box is very large, so if you are trying to sell boxes of this product, keep in mind it will take up lots of space. However, these massive boxes only contain 4 total cards. Each autograph card is individually wrapped in its own package. The book-card (1 per box) is not wrapped, but sitting inside an embedded portion of the box. These are the only non-autograph cards in the entire set.

Here are the estimated values of the cards pulled from these randomly selected YouTube videos:

Book Card #/199  $    13.50
Blake Griffin
Thaddeus Young
Taj Gibson
Serge Ibaka
Russell Westbrook
Javale McGhee
Andre Iguodala
Demar Derozan
 Autograph Cards
Larry Bird #/5  $  175.00
Jrue Holliday #/74  $       8.00
Devin Ebanks Blue (Exch) #/49  $    15.00
Estimated Revenue If Sold On eBay  $  211.50
Box Break From SportsCardShow
Book Card #/150  $    10.79
Alex English
Bernard King
Kevin McHale
Moses Malone
Rober Parish
Patrick Ewing
 Autograph Cards
Mitch Richmond Red (Exch)  $    12.50
James Harden #/20  $    31.00
Sam Perkins #/74  $       6.50
Estimated Revenue If Sold On eBay  $    60.79
Book Card #/199  $       7.50
Tyson Chandler
Drew Gooden
Luol Deng
Kevin Love
Anderson Varejao
Shawn Bradley
 Autograph Cards
Stephen Jackson #/74  $       2.25
Greg Monroe Sihouettes #/99  $    35.00
Cole Aldrich #/99  $       3.00
Estimated Revenue If Sold On eBay  $    47.75
Box Break From Blowoutcards
Book Card #/125  $    31.00
Kobe Bryant
Vince Carter
David Robinson
Shaquille O’Neal
Tracy McGrady
Chris Webber
Kevin Garnett
Grant Hill
 Autograph Cards
Mitch Richmond Red (Exch)  $    12.50
Tom Heinsohn #/74  $    13.00
Gordon Hayward #/99  $       4.99
Estimated Revenue If Sold On eBay  $    61.49
Box Break From SportsCardForum

Outside the box that contained the Larry Bird case hit, most boxes tended to deliver around $50 – $60 worth of re-sale value from this group of boxes. Additionally, most of these values/prices were taken in September 2012 – several months after the product has come out. While you often get good prices for single cards when they first come out … basketball is really well collected and you can get strong prices even in the off-season. Preferred is a risky rip-and-flip type product, but given that you only have 4 cards per pack, your cost of scanning/listing all the cards goes down. The silhouette cards are very valuable, even for ‘marginal’ NBA players, as collectors really like the look of these cards.

This set does not contain any rookie cards, or redemption cards for rookies that was common in 2011/12 sets. However, there are numerous redemption cards because this set was released shortly after the NBA lockout shortened season got underway. While searching for values on eBay for these cards I found Mitch Richmond and Devin Ebanks cards live and in-hand for sale.

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