2011-12 Panini Gold Standard Basketball Box Break Review

Results from a 1 box break of 11/12 Gold Standard Basketball

Original Wholesale Cost: $150.00 Per Box
Estimated Autograph Card Revenue: $28.50
Estimated Relic Card Revenue: $60.50
Estimated Gold Card Revenue: $35.00
Estimated Base Card Revenue: $24.50
Est. Total Revenue From Box: $148.50

This box was one of the better ones I’ve seen. The Shaquille O’Neal card had a nice 2 color stripe from the Orlando Magic jersey, and the price below is from one on eBay that almost looked identical to the one pulled in this box. The real 14K gold Dwight Howard card is a nice boost to the boxes bottom line as well. The mystery redemption autographs only sell for around $15 – and at that price, it’s probably just worth holding onto because if it’s a scrub … it’s only worth $10 less than what you could get now, where as if it’s Kyrie Erving or another top rookie – you will get $50 – $100 more than the value today.

Values Below Via eBay From July 18 – August 14, 2012

Base Cards

Tyson Chandler #/299 $1.50
Al Harrington #/299 $1.50
Danny Green #/10 $10.00
Ray Allen #/299 $5.50
Wilt Chamberlain #/299 $6.00

Signs of Gold Autograph
Tyreke Evans #/49 $10.50
Ronnie Brewer #/149 $3.00

Redemption Auto $15.00

Golden 50 Prime Jersey (Orlando)
Shaquille O’Neal #/25 $56.00

Gold Stars Jersey
Paul Pierce #/149 $4.50

Gold Rush 14K Gold  
Dwight Howard #/49 $35.00

Box Break From SportsCardShow

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